SEMITEC presents:The Fμ medical sensor

What is the Fμ sensor?

The Fμ thermistor sensor (pronounced “F-micro”) has been developed using SEMITEC’s proprietary thin film thermistor technology. It is the only sensor in the world using this unique technology.
It is highly suited for catheter applications with its high volume production capability, robustness, reliability, accuracy and faster response than existing thermistors.

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Fμ medical sensor


High volume production

The manufacturing process of our Fμ sensor consists largely of semiconductor technology which makes high volume production and full quality control possible.

Mass production

High mechanical strength and reliability

The structure of the Fμ is extremely simple and due to the production process there is only one mechanical joint. This also means that there are no problems with fragile and thin lead wires such as AWG38 (or smaller) since they can be connected directly to the sensor element.
In comparison, in the case of conventional glass encapsulated thermistors the sensor element needs to be mechanically joined to the lead wire via a platinum wire (see picture on the right, below). For the Fμ this is not necessary.
Additionally, the Fμ offers high reliability due to glass passivation for chemical and mechanical protection.

Mechanical strength and reliability

Excellent accuracy

Our Fμ thermistor offers the highest accuracy for (not only) state-of-the-art medical catheters. The standard Fμ sensor has a tolerance of ± 0.5% and a B value tolerance of ± 1%. The Fμ is also manufactured with other tolerances.


Excellent response time

The Fμ is even smaller than currently used thermistor sensors with a thermistor layer measured in microns. The sensor substrate consists of aluminium oxide which has excellent thermal conductivity.
As a result the Fμ thermistor offers an extremely fast response time of approximately 0.07 seconds.


Fμ sensor element external structure

The Fμ thermistor consists mainly of a film thermistor which is manufactured using semiconductor technology.
The film thermistor is then deposited on an alumina substrate creating the thermistor element.

External structure

Fμ sensor assembly example

External structure (assembly)

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